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Appeals round-up: Vacated post office remains a community facility; Garage 'too small for a car' can become a study

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 13 June-19 June, 2020

Vacated post office remains a community facility

An inspector has rejected plans to convert a former post office to residential use after it moved its services into a nearby convenience store, ruling that the unit could still support the community.

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Garage 'too small for a car' can become a study

An inspector has approved the conversion of a domestic garage into a study, ruling that the scheme would not result in the loss of a parking space because the garage was already too small to park a car in.

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Party wall worries prevent nightclub’s partial conversion

Plans to create a flat directly above a nightclub in Buxton, Derbyshire, have been rejected after the appellant failed to produce a noise survey.

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Victory for campaigners as Jenrick blocks waste incinerator

The housing secretary has cited harm to the setting of a 12th century monastic abbey in rejecting plans for a waste to energy facility in Cambridgeshire that caused controversy over air quality and health impacts.

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1.3 year housing supply justifies 76 homes in south Wales

Plans for 76 homes within a designated landscape area and beyond the nearest settlement boundary can go ahead, after an inspector considered the council's 'serious' housing shortfall a material consideration.

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Barbed wire to defend doctor's surgery not justified

Barbed wire installed on the roof of a GP surgery and pharmacy in Ashton-under-Lyne to protect it from 'congregating youths' and break-ins gave it an unacceptably intimidating appearance, an inspector ruled.

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Homes surrounded by industry deemed unacceptable

Plans for 163 homes on disused employment land in Corby have been blocked, after an inspector ruled that housing on the site could restrict the development of industrial businesses that surrounded it on three sides.

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