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Appeals round-up: Underground shooting range will diversify farm’s income; ‘Local knowledge’ fails to prevent 300-home Norfolk scheme

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 28 April-4 May, 2018

Underground shooting range will diversify farm’s income

An inspector has approved a subterranean shooting range in the Staffordshire countryside, agreeing with the appellant’s contention that it would help to diversify his farming business’s income.

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‘Local knowledge’ fails to prevent 300-home Norfolk scheme

An inspector has granted outline permission for 300 homes near Downham Market, west Norfolk, dismissing council concerns over highway safety that were informed by ‘local knowledge’.

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New dwelling’s design would harm York’s historic core

An inspector has rejected plans for a new home on a vacant plot within the historic core of York, ruling that its ‘disjointed appearance’ would harm designated heritage assets.

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Green belt home allowed under ‘village infilling’ exception

An inspector has approved plans for a three-bedroom home in a hamlet near High Wycombe, ruling that the settlement had ‘evolved’ and could now be considered a village for the purposes of NPPF paragraph 89.

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Commercial viability does not indicate local need for betting shop

An inspector has refused plans for a betting shop in a new-build unit reserved for retail use, ruling that the commercial viability of the scheme did not justify deviating from the development plan.

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Green light for ‘speculative’ 350-home Gloucestershire scheme

An inspector has granted outline permission for 350 homes on unallocated countryside land north of Bristol, in light of the council’s ‘substantial’ housing land supply shortfall.

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Ex-listed building in conservation area approved for demolition

An inspector has approved plans to demolish a Georgian workshop in Greenwich to make way for townhouses after a successful campaign to have the building listed was overturned by the culture secretary.

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222 homes refused ahead of local plan examination

An inspector has refused outline permission for 222 homes near the village of Cranfield, Bedfordshire, despite noting that a new local plan recently submitted for examination will ‘substantially raise’ the area's housing requirement if found sound.

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Shakespearean scheduled monument stalls six-storey Shoreditch scheme

An inspector has blocked a mixed-use development in East London, adjacent to the recently rediscovered remains of a Shakespearean theatre where Romeo and Juliet is believed to have debuted.

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