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Appeals round-up: Two housing schemes approved at joint inquiry; Edinburgh flat’s use as Airbnb is ruled ‘relatively unproblematic’

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 17 April-23 April, 2021

Two housing schemes approved at joint inquiry

An inspector has approved plans for two separate housing schemes on the edge of a Northamptonshire village, following an in-depth analysis of the council’s housing land supply and spatial strategy at an eight-day inquiry.

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Edinburgh flat’s use as Airbnb is ruled ‘relatively unproblematic’

A reporter has granted retrospective permission for the use of a flat in central Edinburgh for short-term holiday accommodation, calling it ‘a well-used and relatively unproblematic visitor facility in a very busy tourist location’.

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Shipping containers permanent enough to harm green belt

An inspector has rejected plans to site five shipping containers on green belt land for self-storage purposes, ruling that they would have ‘a degree of affixation and permanence’ that would amount to a building operation not allowed in the green belt.

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Land owned by competitor found to be sequentially preferable

Plans submitted by Lidl to build a new store on brownfield land in Sutton in Ashfield have been rejected by an inspector, who found that a site owned by competitor Asda was a sequentially preferable site for a new supermarket.

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Inspector cites 1902 Act in refusing crematorium

An inspector has sided with Central Bedfordshire Council in refusing permission for a crematorium on the edge of Letchworth Garden City, despite ruling that one of its policies was ‘of little, if any, relevance’ to the appeal.

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‘Holiday village’ at Chipping Norton hotel rejected

Plans submitted by an Oxfordshire hotel and golf course for 73 ‘holiday homes’ have been rejected by an inspector, who ruled that the council’s ‘brief, non-committal response’ to a pre-application request did not amount to positive support for the scheme.

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No ‘exceptional justification’ for industrial estate ‘boarding house’

Plans to convert a Birmingham industrial estate building into a ‘boarding house’ offering ‘short-term accommodation to support local industry’ were rejected by an inspector, who found various policy violations including harm to living conditions.

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