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Appeals round-up: TV series plaques would devalue commemoration of real people; Co-living apartments allowed despite space concerns

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 15 February-21 February, 2020

TV series plaques would devalue commemoration of real people

An inspector has rejected Thame Town Council's plans to install plaques marking filming locations for Midsomer Murders on six listed buildings in the town, ruling that they would devalue other plaques 'commemorating real people and events'.

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Co-living apartments allowed despite space concerns

An inspector has deemed plans for a block of 121 co-living flats in Feltham acceptable despite council concerns over their size, noting that planning guidance on space standards for shared housing has not yet been published.

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Crematorium in Leeds green belt not justified

The UK's leading crematoria developer has failed to persuade an inspector that 'very special circumstances' existed to justify a new crematorium in the Leeds green belt, after 'flawed evidence' from both parties was presented at a public hearing.

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Green belt harm not 'clearly outweighed' by care village's benefits

An inspector has rejected plans for a major elderly care village in the Meriden Gap near Solihull, citing green belt rules which state that material considerations must 'clearly' – not marginally – outweigh green belt harm to justify granting permission.

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Asylum seekers' accommodation allowed as a 'care' use

Plans to use a former nursing home in Glasgow to provide accommodation for up to 200 asylum seekers would not amount to a change of use, a reporter has ruled, after considering the definition of the word 'care' as it relates to use classes in Scotland.

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'Quirky' conversion of Victorian water tower rejected

An inspector has dismissed plans to convert a water tower in the grounds of a grade II* listed manor house in the Hertfordshire green belt, despite acknowledging that the scheme would be an 'interesting and imaginatively quirky' project.

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Local archaeology knowledge persuasive in refusal of 131 homes

An inspector was persuaded to refuse plans for 131 homes in Huntingdonshire at a public hearing, after the county archaeological service presented evidence that the site formed part of a wider prehistoric and Roman managed landscape.

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