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Appeals round-up: Tourist accommodation at alpaca farm would be inappropriate; Golf netting refused for green belt harm despite safety concerns

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 8 December-14 December 2018

Tourist accommodation at alpaca farm would be inappropriate

A worker’s dwelling at an alpaca farm subject to a temporary permission cannot be permanently retained as ‘guest accommodation’ in the green belt because it would amount to inappropriate development, an inspector has decided.

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Golf netting refused for green belt harm despite safety concerns

An inspector has blocked plans for a safety net intended to protect a home close to a golf course in Harrow from stray balls, ruling that it would constitute a building and would therefore be inappropriate green belt development.

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Health problems do not justify a bungalow in place of lawful caravan

A gypsy couple who replaced their council-approved green belt caravan with a bungalow because of their health-related low tolerance to cold weather have been refused retrospective permission by an inspector.

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319-unit residential towers allowed with 19% affordable housing

An inspector has approved two towers of 24 and 30 storeys with only 19 per cent affordable housing provision on the Isle of Dogs despite the developer’s original offer of 40 per cent, as well as dismissing the council’s calls for a late-stage review mechanism.

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Elderly care does not outweigh affordable housing in Henley

An inspector has blocked plans for a 56-bed care home on land in Henley allocated for housing, ruling that accommodation for elderly people must not come at the expense of affordable housing delivery in the area.

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Final section of Denmark electricity interconnector approved

A 473-mile undersea electrical cable link between the UK and Denmark can go ahead after an inspector ruled that the scheme’s international energy and climate benefits would outweigh temporary harm to the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB.

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More students would harm Nottingham neighbourhood’s social fabric

Plans to use a house near Nottingham University as a student HMO would ‘exacerbate community imbalance’ in the area, an inspector has ruled, commenting that students ‘often do not see themselves as part of the existing community’.

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