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Appeals round-up: Three-home scheme would affect nuclear incident plans; 180 days of holiday letting harmful to housing supply

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 2 February-8 February, 2019

Three-home scheme would affect nuclear incident plans

Just 10 additional residents living close to the Aldermaston nuclear weapons facility in Hampshire would undermine the council’s nuclear incident action plan, an inspector has ruled.

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180 days of holiday letting harmful to housing supply

Allowing an Islington townhouse to be let short term for 180 days a year – twice the legal limit – would be detrimental to London's housing supply, an inspector has ruled, in contrast with other recent appeal decisions.

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Residential conversion of WW2 ‘pillbox’ not covered by GPDO

An inspector has refused plans to convert a fortified defensive structure in the Essex countryside into a home under permitted development rules, because he was not persuaded that it was in agricultural use.

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Contemporary design preferred to pastiche in conservation area

An inspector has approved plans to redesign the entrance to a shopping arcade in Cheltenham conservation area, replacing the existing classical pastiche with a contemporary glazed design.

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‘Industrial’ food prep in Notting Hill flat was more than a ‘hobby’

A London restaurateur who was once on Interpol’s most-wanted list has failed to overturn an enforcement notice alleging that the flat above his Notting Hill restaurant was being used to prepare food.

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Brokenshire backs 600-home scheme despite 10-year land supply

The housing secretary has granted outline permission for 600 homes east of Doncaster despite the council’s housing supply of ‘over 10 years’, citing the ‘out-of-date’ local development plan.

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Appellant admits altering email evidence under oath

An appellant admitted under oath that he had produced false evidence showing that an email he had received in 2017 was sent in 2011, at an inquiry into enforcement action against his conversion of a South London home into two flats.

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Diplomatic incident could disrupt embassy’s neighbours

The use of a Paddington townhouse as an embassy for the Dominican Republic could disrupt neighbours if a ‘diplomatic incident’ made it the focus of attention, an inspector has ruled.

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