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Appeals round-up: Sun room on listed building’s balcony is ‘entirely arbitrary’; Tough 18th hole does not justify protected tree’s removal

Words: Roger Milne
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 20 October-26 October, 2018

Sun room on listed building’s balcony is ‘entirely arbitrary'

Retrospective permission for a glazed ‘sun room’ structure added to the balcony of a grade II listed former factory in Leeds has been refused, after an inspector called the development ‘entirely arbitrary, incongruous and unsympathetic’.

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Tough 18th hole does not justify protected tree’s removal

Plans to remove a protected lime tree on a golf course near Henley-on-Thames have been rejected after an inspector rejected the appellant’s argument that it ‘prevents golfers from getting a clear shot at the 18th green’.

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Restoration of ‘structurally vulnerable’ listed building refused

An inspector has blocked plans to restore a dilapidated and partially collapsed listed house in Worcestershire, citing ‘unsympathetic’ plans to reconfigure its ‘unaltered 19th century interior’.

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Wholesalers would be unable to exclude general public

An inspector has refused permission for three businesses in an area of Oldbury safeguarded for wholesale trade, finding no mechanism to ensure that only tradespeople and not members of the public could purchase goods.

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Brokenshire scuppers rugby club’s housing plans

The housing secretary has rejected Falmouth Rugby Club’s appeal against Cornwall Council’s refusal of its plans to build 226 homes on agricultural land near the town.

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Residential use approved for ‘at risk’ listed school building

Plans to convert a historic Victorian school building in the Cairngorms national park into homes can go ahead after a reporter praised the scheme’s ‘befitting high-quality design’.

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No affordable housing sought from jointly allocated site

An inspector has approved five homes on one of two sites jointly allocated for housing, finding no evidence that the appeal site was held back to avoid making an affordable housing contribution, despite the appellant company director's links to both sites.

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‘Bold’ flats refused despite overcoming garden land constraint

The modern design of a three-storey block of flats in Harrow would overcome the council’s garden land development policy, but would appear ‘entirely out of place’ compared with its neighbours, an inspector has ruled.

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