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Appeals round-up: Successful relocation for popular village 'pizza garage'; ‘Vibrant' pink paint at odds with conservation area

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 29 February-6 March, 2020

Successful relocation for popular village 'pizza garage'

A popular wood-fired pizza business that was refused permission at appeal in 2018 has won consent after moving into new premises 170m away, after an inspector deemed the new location more 'discreet'.

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‘Vibrant' pink paint at odds with conservation area

An inspector has refused retrospective permission to paint a home in a Merseyside conservation area a ‘vibrant’ shade of pink, deeming the colour scheme ‘at odds with the palette’ of the area.

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No lifting of noise restrictions on pub's 'Aunt Sally' shy

A pub outbuilding intended for use as an 'Aunt Sally' shy cannot also be used as a music venue and must observe restrictions on its hours of use so as not to disturb neighbours.

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Simple majority does not prove local support for 325-home scheme

A developer has again failed to demonstrate community support for plans to treble the size of a Lincolnshire village that were rejected at appeal in 2018, despite an inspector commenting that it was 'hard to see what else it could have done'.

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700-home scheme allowed despite development plan conflict

An inspector has granted outline permission for a major housing scheme on the Isle of Sheppey, after finding no harm to an important local green gap and a listed farmhouse adjacent to the site.

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Financial contribution reduced for 250-bed student scheme

Plans for a nine-storey block of student accommodation in Bermondsey can go ahead with a reduced level of off-site affordable housing provision, after an inspector concluded that the appellant's offer was the 'maximum reasonable amount'.

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Derelict horticultural nursery deemed not PDL

An inspector has refused plans to build 61 homes on the site of a former horticultural nursery in Kent, rejecting the appellants' comparisons to a similar 2015 High Court case concerning the definition of previously developed land (PDL).

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