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Appeals round-up: Success at second appeal for 252-bed Norwich student scheme; Green belt harm outweighs care home's multiple benefits

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 27 July-2 August, 2019

Success at second appeal for 252-bed Norwich student scheme

Revised plans to build 252 units of student accommodation in Norwich's central conservation area can go ahead, an inspector has ruled, a year after the original application was rejected at appeal for harm to living conditions.

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Green belt harm outweighs care home's multiple benefits

Plans for an 82-bed care home in the Buckinghamshire green belt would cause unacceptable harm to green belt openness, an inspector has ruled, despite the 'clear need' for care provision in the area.

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Disabled access to listed church does not justify heritage harm

Plans to make a grade-II listed Manchester church wheelchair-accessible by replacing an historic window with a new door and ramp have been blocked by an inspector, who found the harm to historic fabric unacceptable.

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NPPF footnote justifies Lake District wind farm extension

An inspector has become the first to interpret footnote 49 of the NPPF in ruling that an application to extend the life of a Lake District wind farm until 2028 constituted 'repowering', and therefore did not require community support.

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'Truly innovative' carbon-negative AONB home blocked

An inspector has rejected comprehensive plans for a 'paragraph 79 home' in the High Weald AONB despite its 'truly outstanding and innovative' design, criticising its 'bold rectilinear configuration'.

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Care village housing scheme fails sustainability test

A reporter has dismissed a 45-home scheme on green belt land by a care village in Renfrewshire despite a housing shortfall, because the site would not be a sustainable location for housing.

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Notice upheld against 'extreme example' of overgrown ivy

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against a 'very overgrown' house in south Wales, ruling that its 'unkempt and abandoned appearance' was detrimental to the character of the area.

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