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Appeals round-up: Spa homes proposal rejected for harming protected sites; Financial trading antennae not allowed in green belt

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 8 June-14 June, 2019

Spa homes proposal rejected for harming protected sites

Plans for up to 200 homes on land around an exclusive spa in Essex have been rejected after an inspector found they would adversely affect the area and harm protected European sites.

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Financial trading antennae not allowed in green belt

Plans for a radio mast and antennae to receive and transmit financial trading communications in a woodland clearing in Buckinghamshire would cause unacceptable harm to the green belt, ruled an inspector.

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Conversion of decade-old Deptford office refused

A plan to convert part of a floor in a Deptford office into flats has been dismissed over concerns about loss of employment space and living conditions for future residents.

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Back garden home allowed in spite of space concern

A proposed two-bedroomed house in the back garden of a detached family home can be built, after an inspector identified ‘precious little evidence’ for the council’s claim that it would not offer enough private outdoor space for its occupiers.

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Brokenshire overrules inspector to throw out 471-home Whitechapel plan

The housing secretary has rejected a third attempt by Sainsbury’s to secure consent for 471 homes at the site of its existing store in Whitechapel, East London, citing heritage harm and inadequate light levels.

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Brokenshire blocks 1,500 homes near Braintree

The housing secretary has refused plans to build 1,500 homes between Braintree and Rayne, a nearby village, ruling that the scheme would ‘appreciably diminish the sense of separation’ between the settlements.

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Expansion of ‘predator experience’ allowed in national park

An inspector has approved expansion plans at a tourist attraction in the Lake District offering ‘wolf walks’ and other experiences despite harm to the area’s World Heritage Site designation, noting that the scheme would contribute £1 million to the local economy.

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Inspector sinks crowdfunded restoration plans for historic pier

A community group that raised money to buy a historic railway pier in Suffolk has seen its plans to build a café and visitor centre on the pier to fund its restoration rejected by an inspector, who was concerned by a lack of planning obligation.

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