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Appeals round-up: Southampton university welcome sign 'not a precedent'; Acoustic report does not cover nursery’s ‘peak noise events’

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 15 May-19 May, 2017

Southampton university welcome sign 'not a precedent'

An inspector has allowed the erection of a 'sense of arrival' sign at the entrance to the University of Southampton, ruling that his decision should not be seen as a precedent, but was informed by the "immediate context" of the proposal.

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Acoustic report does not cover nursery’s ‘peak noise events’

An inspector has granted permission to convert a home in Bromley into a day nursery, after ruling that although the appellant’s acoustic report did not cover ‘peak noises’ such as children shouting, noise disruption could still be mitigated through conditions.

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Dudley pub will make way for convenience store after High Court ruling

Following a High Court ruling quashing a previous decision, an inspector has approved plans to replace a pub in Dudley with a convenience store despite local opposition, after deciding it would not threaten the vitality of other nearby businesses.

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Flats approved in Plymouth despite parking concerns

In order to meet ‘urgent’ demand for housing in Plymouth, an inspector has granted permission for 59 apartments in Plymouth despite parking, outlook and design concerns raised by local residents.

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Harm has edge over benefits of service station and 60-room hotel

An inspector refused outline plans for a motorway service station complex in Hampshire, after deciding that the scheme's benefits would not outweigh its harm to landscape character and a nearby heritage asset.

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Dog grooming parlour would cause no more noise and odour than family pets

An inspector has granted retrospective permission for a dog grooming parlour in South Shields because the limited scale of the business meant it was no more likely to disrupt neighbours' living conditions than dogs kept as pets.

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Nine-home scheme would ‘unacceptably urbanise’ area with housing supply of under three years

An inspector has refused a proposal for nine homes in Mid Sussex, after ruling that the scheme would cause unacceptable harm to the area’s character, despite a considerable housing supply shortfall.

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Council defeated on off-site contribution for sheltered housing scheme

An inspector has granted permission for 30 sheltered housing apartments in Sutton, South London, with a reduced contribution to offsite affordable housing, after ruling that the figure required by the council would render the scheme unviable.

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No evidence that HMOs caused ‘proliferation of lettings boards’

An inspector has allowed plans for a change of use to HMO in Pontypridd, after rejecting the local authority's ruling that HMOs are the main cause of ‘a proliferation of lettings boards’ and other harmful visual factors.

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150cm high car park floodlights would harm green belt openness

An inspector has blocked a proposal for five freestanding floodlights to illuminate a car park near Warwick, ruling that they would harm green belt openness and finding no evidence of 'very special circumstances' required to make an exception.

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Loss of employment land precludes housing scheme at bus depot

An inspector has blocked plans to build 14 homes in place of a bus garage and workshop in Worcestershire, ruling that the loss of employment land would be unacceptable after the appellant failed to demonstrate that the business is no longer viable.

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