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Appeals round-up: South London flats would be inaccessible to emergency services; Stable conversion inappropriate in green belt

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 4 August-10 August, 2018.

South London flats would be inaccessible to emergency services

An inspector has blocked plans for four flats on a 'landlocked' site behind existing housing in Tulse Hill, because it would have unacceptable emergency access.

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'Inappropriate' green belt home preferred to fall-back scheme

An inspector has approved plans for a replacement home in Epping despite branding it 'inappropriate green belt development', after deciding it would be less harmful than the appellant's fall-back scheme.

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Stable conversion inappropriate in green belt

An inspector has ruled that the conversion of a stable in Derbyshire into a dwelling would be inappropriate green belt development because the site has ‘all the hallmarks of an agricultural farmyard’.

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‘Winter gardens’ would create unacceptable living conditions

Plans for a residential scheme in Cardiff comprising 18 affordable flats have been refused, after an inspector took issue with the scheme’s glazed balcony ‘winter gardens’.

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Brokenshire returns to Kent appeal to allow 800 homes

The housing secretary has approved plans for 800 homes in Kent after previously allowing the appellant six weeks to address issues with its planning obligation, despite continued council opposition.

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Theoretical flood risk precludes leisure centre reuse

A plan to restore a derelict leisure centre in South Wales for use as a Korean Christian community centre has been blocked because of its location on a flood plain, ‘irrespective of actual predicted flood risk’.

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Replacement of home with no foundations refused

An inspector has refused plans for a replacement home in Worcestershire, despite the appellant's 'recent discovery' that the existing house does not have any substantive foundations and is at risk of flooding.

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38-home scheme would undermine ‘certainty’ of local plan

An inspector has refused outline permission for 38 homes outside the settlement boundary of Hallow, Worcestershire, finding unacceptable loss of agricultural land and conflict with the local development plan.

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