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Appeals round-up: Solar park refused owing to impact on footpaths; Clark rules wind turbines harmful to heritage assets

A round-up of appeal decisions: 23 January-29 January, 2016

Solar park refused owing to impact on public footpaths

The Department for Communities and Local Government has supported an inspector’s decision to refuse planning permission for a 32-hectare solar farm in Steyning, West Sussex, after finding that the proposal would unacceptably affect scenic views from several public footpaths.

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Norfolk flood zone homes get go-ahead subject to mitigation measures

Developer Gladedale Estates has received planning permission for up to 350 dwellings and the development of various “open space parcels”, including for public sports pitches and an allotment extension, in Attleborough, Norfolk.

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Clark rules wind turbines harmful to heritage assets

Communities secretary Greg Clark has allowed the erection of two temporary anemometer masts, but dismissed the erection of four wind turbines near Torr Works Quarry in Somerset, after finding that the turbines would unacceptably harm the setting of several heritage assets.

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Oast house to dwelling conversion approved

Permission has been granted for ancillary residential use of an oast house, including a modest extension, in Tunbridge Wells, after an inspector ruled that the proposed changed would not harm the setting of a listed building or the Langton Green Conservation Area.

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Development helps meet Cambridge student housing shortage

McLaren Ltd and The Co-operative Group Ltd have been granted permission to develop a student housing complex with 270 rooms, communal areas and associated works on Mill Road in Cambridge, after an inspector decided that the development would help to address a shortage of housing for Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) students.

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Substantial mixed-use development approved in Newquay

Permission has been approved for a mixed-use development including up to 330 residential units, a restaurant, pub and hotel in Newquay, Cornwall, after an inspector found that the benefits of the scheme outweighed the fact that it did not accord with the relevant development plan.

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Game bird business expansion poses no threat to green belt

Heart of England Farms has received permission to erect a storage building including 96 roof solar panels in Claverdon, Warwickshire, after an inspector decided that the building would have little impact on the green belt.

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Public toilet-to-dwelling conversion approved

The conversion of a former public toilet building to form a one-bedroom dwelling has been approved for Wroxall, Isle of Wight.

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