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Appeals round-up: Social benefits of greenhouse are 'very special circumstances'; Beer garden privacy outweighs 4m play frame

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 14 September-20 September, 2019

Social benefits of greenhouse constitute 'very special circumstances'

Enforcement action against a greenhouse in the garden of a listed building in Staffordshire has been quashed, after an inspector found that its use by local disabled people carried greater weight than its green belt inappropriateness 

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Beer garden privacy outweighs 4m play frame

An inspector has blocked plans for a play frame that would directly overlook the beer garden of a neighbouring pub, finding 'an unacceptable impact' on patrons' privacy.

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Canine hydrotherapy pool allowed beyond settlement boundary

An inspector has approved plans for a specialist treatment facility for dogs in Hampshire after siding with the appellant, who sought to ‘provide a more home-based service’ as part of her animal health consultancy business.

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Deliveroo ‘dark kitchen’ in Swiss Cottage wins 12-month reprieve

A controversial delivery-only kitchen facility operated by app-based startup Deliveroo has been awarded a temporary 12-month permission, subject to numerous conditions and compliance with a community liaison group.

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Paragraph 79 home ‘exceeds highest standards of architecture’

An inspector has approved plans for a unique new home in the High Weald AONB under NPPF paragraph 79, commenting that the scheme ‘in many aspects exceeded the highest standards of architecture’.

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Prestbury ‘not a village’ despite council’s own descriptions

A proposed green belt home in Gloucestershire would not be ‘limiting infilling in a village’, an inspector has ruled, after deeming the area as part of Cheltenham and not a village, notwithstanding the council's own description of it in a policy document.

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Demolition of Victorian school halted after 1,100 signature petition

A developer who began demolishing a Victorian school in Swindon without permission has had his plans to replace the building with 10 flats blocked by an inspector, after a petition to save the building gathered more than 1,100 signatures.

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