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Appeals round-up: Single drainage pipe means development has commenced; R&D building for AONB diamond manufacturing firm approved

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 20 Februrary-26 February, 2021

Single drainage pipe means development has commenced

An inspector has granted a certificate of lawful development verifying that work on a detached home in Lancashire began before the permission for it expired, ruling that the digging of a trench and laying of a single plastic pipe amounted to material operations.

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R&D building for AONB diamond manufacturing firm approved

A specialist manufacturing business in Kent can go ahead with plans for a research and development building, after an inspector found that the scheme would further the economic objectives of the NPPF without harming the High Weald AONB.

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Privately owned riding school was a community facility

Plans to demolish a former equestrian centre in Surrey to make way for four homes have been turned down by an inspector, who rejected the appellants’ argument that it was not a community facility because it was privately owned.

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Nitrate neutrality policy scuppers chiropractor conversion

Plans to convert a listed chiropractor’s clinic in Andover have been denied by an inspector, who was not persuaded that a residential use of the building would necessarily lead to a fall in nitrate levels entering the Solent.

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Bristol regeneration scheme’s design deemed inadequate

Plans to regenerate a ‘rather neglected’ shopping centre in Bristol that would include a 16-storey residential block and a new cinema have been rejected by an inspector, who ruled that the scheme failed to provide ‘a high-quality urban design’.

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841-home Sefton scheme would deliver ‘specific benefits”

Plans for 841 new homes on former green belt land on Merseyside have been approved by an inspector subject to conditions managing the impact of construction traffic on existing residents, after he found ‘specific benefits’ relating to water voles and flooding.

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Ministerial statement does not justify unlimited working hours

An inspector has refused to lift a condition limiting construction hours at a 250-home development near Maidstone, finding no evidence that it had ‘acted as a barrier’ to progress on the scheme during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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