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Appeals round-up: Short-term let refused in light of Kensington housing shortage; ‘Brash’ commercial flags not comparable to national symbols

Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 2 October-8 October, 2017

Short-term let refused in light of Kensington housing shortage

An inspector has refused permission to use a Kensington flat for short-term holiday letting, ruling that it would set a precedent that could lead to a 'serious loss of housing' in the area.

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‘Brash’ commercial flags not comparable to national symbols

Plans for two flags advertising a restaurant in a central London street have been refused, because the ‘brash’ emblems were not comparable to ‘dignified and appropriate’ national flags on neighbouring civic buildings.

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AONB cottage rebuild will be three times bigger than local size guidelines

Plans to rebuild a Dorset cottage 2.55 times larger than its existing size, despite council guidelines limiting expansion to 50 per cent, will go ahead because the new home would be screened from public view.

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Staff changeover at children‘s care home would ‘disrupt neighbours’

An inspector has rejected a proposal to convert a house in a residential area of Chelmsford into a care home for teenagers, ruled that vehicle noise during the nightly staff handover would disturb neighbours.

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Historic munitions store conversion refused on ecological grounds

A dilapidated munitions store within a former military depot in Hampshire cannot be converted into a home because harm the to area’s ‘outstanding’ ecology would be unavoidable.

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Smells and queues scupper Oxfordshire fish and chip shop

Plans for a fish and chip shop in Bampton have been refused on the grounds that the ‘very high odour’ food and queues area would harm neighbours’ living conditions.

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Affordable housing requirement halved after developer's High Court challenge

A 103-home scheme in Skipton, North Yorkshire, approved subject to 40 per cent affordable housing provision can be built with half that amount following a successful challenge to local housing policy.

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Traveller pitches approved despite government ‘adjustment’ to NPPF

Eight traveller pitches near Canterbury have been permitted because for ‘personal and general need’, despite a change to the NPPF to prevent travellers from using housing supply shortfalls to engage paragraph 14's ‘tilted balance’.

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Textile mill redevelopment blocked after ‘misleading’ traffic report

A 19th century textile mill restoration in West Yorkshire to provide housing, a hotel and offices has been blocked following a ‘misleading evaluation’ of the scheme’s impact on traffic.

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Council drops objection to 80-home scheme in light of Supreme Court ruling

Plans for 80 homes near the New Forest have been approved after the local authority dropped its objection to the scheme in light of the Supreme Court ruling on NPPF paragraphs 14 and 49.

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