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Appeals round-up: Seafront scheme refused despite design review panel support; Back-garden cricket practice cage deemed a building

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 30 March-5 April, 2019

Seafront scheme refused despite design review panel support

An inspector has dismissed plans to replace an Edwardian hotel in Newquay with a modern block of flats, despite the appellant’s ‘admirable’ iterative approach to the design, which won support from the Cornwall Design Review Panel.

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Back-garden cricket practice cage deemed a building

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against a back-garden cricket practice facility in Warrington comprising six posts and some netting, ruling that it constituted a building and therefore required planning permission.

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Back garden home for 60 pet cats would harm green belt

An inspector has dismissed plans for a timber-clad building in the Hertfordshire green belt to house 60 cats as part of an ‘entirely domestic hobby’, finding no very special circumstances to justify the scheme.

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Extra inflatable ‘air hall’ at tennis club would harm green belt

A tennis club’s plan for an ‘air hall’ to enable the use of its grass courts in winter has been blocked by an inspector because of green belt harm, despite the three air halls already approved at the club.

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Mobility scooter access track harmed Wales national park

A track dug to provide access for a mobility scooter to a static caravan in the Pembrokeshire coast national park has been refused retrospective permission, after an inspector found that it had 'altered the natural contours of the land'.

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Notice upheld against 2,000 tonne 'waste mountain' in Newark

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against a 10-foot 'waste mountain' containing medical refuse that has been in place since 2015, after a criminal investigation by the Environment Agency failed to secure any prosecutions.

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Brokenshire blocks Hertfordshire green belt gravel extraction

The communities secretary has refused plans to extract 1.75 million tonnes of sand and gravel near Hertford, rejecting the appellant’s request for him to consider a revised scheme to extract 1.25 million tonnes.

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64 solar panels for one home not justified

An inspector has blocked a homeowner's plan to make his property independent of the National Grid by installing 64 solar panels in an adjacent paddock, finding unacceptable green belt harm.

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Retirement flats allowed in light of 0.5-year housing supply

An inspector has approved plans for 43 retirement apartments in Hythe, Hampshire, despite acknowledging that there would be some harm to the adjacent conservation area, citing the council’s ‘completely inadequate’ housing land supply.

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