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Appeals round-up: Sainsbury's online delivery hub would harm character; Detached garage 'would not be separate' from main home

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 26 May-1 June, 2018

Sainsbury's online delivery hub would harm character

Plans to add an 'online distribution hub' to a Sainsbury's supermarket in Morecambe have been refused, after an inspector found unacceptable harm to the character of the area.

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Detached garage 'would not be separate' from main home

A garage with a 'guest room' above it in the grounds of a listed cottage would not be 'separate' from the main home, an inspector has ruled, despite the physical distance between the two buildings.

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Green light for affordable homes fronting industrial estate

An inspector has approved 29 homes on land surrounded on three sides by industrial businesses, despite the land having been allocated for employment use by the local council.

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60 homes allowed in outline under 'tilted balance'

An inspector has approved plans for up to 60 homes in Norfolk, ruling that the scheme's benefits would outweigh any landscape harm after applying the 'tilted balance' of NPPF paragraph 14.

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Underground swimming lessons allowed despite policy conflicts

Permission has been granted to use a swimming pool in the basement of a Tooting home as a 'swim school', after an inspector found that limited harm would arise from the scheme's conflict with local policies.

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Homes on safeguarded site would undermine planning system

An inspector has blocked plans for 124 homes in Lancashire, ruling that it would undermine confidence in the local plan process to allow housing on a site 'safeguarded' from development until at least 2027.

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Ministerial statement 'not to be interpreted literally', rules inspector

In refusing plans for a wind turbine in Yorkshire, an inspector has attached 'very significant weight' to objections raised by local residents in line with his interpretation of a 2016 ministerial statement.

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Amended neighbourhood plan precludes Passivhaus scheme

Plans for four Passivhaus homes in Herefordshire have been blocked, after a policy in the area's emerging neighbourhood plan that would have permitted the scheme was amended.

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Residential conversion of listed WWII radar station refused

An inspector has halted plans to convert an historic former radar station in Sussex into a home, ruling that the urgency of preserving the building was 'not so great as to accept harmful works'.

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