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Appeals round-up: Rural worker’s dwelling could save £6 per cow a day; Occupancy condition on green belt home discharged after 35 years

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 13 November-19 November, 2017

Rural worker’s dwelling could save £6 per cow a day

An inspector has allowed plans to build a rural worker’s home on a large dairy farm in the Cheshire countryside, considering it essential to the business in accordance with NPPF paragraph 55.

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Occupancy condition on green belt home discharged after 35 years

A home in Staffordshire approved in 1972 subject to a condition limiting its occupancy to agricultural workers can now be used as an open market dwelling, after an inspector ruled that any harm from inappropriate development had already occurred.

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New flats would lead to ‘unreasonable restrictions’ on music rehearsal business

An inspector has refused plans for nine flats in New Cross, South London, finding that noise from an existing music rehearsal business nearby would disrupt future occupants, leading to restrictions on its operation.

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Social housing allowed following overshadowing row

Test Valley Borough Council will not have to pay costs after refusing nine social housing units against the advice of its planning officers, after an inspector described the level of harm to living conditions caused by loss of sunlight as ‘a matter of judgement'.

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190-bed student accommodation block allowed on historic Falmouth peninsula

An inspector has granted permission for a large student accommodation scheme on Pendennis Peninsula in Cornwall, in order to accommodate the planned expansion of Falmouth University.

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Developer must pay costs for resubmitting 211-home scheme

Secretary of state Sajid Javid has blocked plans for 211 homes in Winslow, Buckinghamshire submitted for the third time by Gladman Developments. An almost identical scheme was previously dismissed by Javid’s predecessor Eric Pickles.

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7-storey scheme out of keeping with ‘haphazard’ King’s Cross conservation area

An inspector has refused plans to replace three locally listed buildings near King’s Cross with a modern seven-storey mixed-use block, ruling that the scheme would fail to reflect the area's ‘haphazard’ Victorian character.

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‘Care village’ would more than double population of existing settlement

An inspector has refused plans for a ‘care village’ comprising 145 assisted living units near Beckford, a Worcestershire village with an existing population of just 260, because it would be harmful to the social infrastructure of the area.

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Low house prices weaken case for affordable housing provision

An inspector has granted permission for a six-home scheme near Wisbech with no affordable housing provision, considering that the area's low house prices mean a higher proportion of the population can afford open market housing.

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