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Appeals round-up: Replacement home would lack ‘modest qualities’; Traveller pitches refused on previously developed green belt land

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 27 Februrary-5 March, 2021

Replacement home would lack ‘modest qualities’

Plans for demolish a locally listed Arts and Crafts-style home in Watford to make way for a larger replacement have been blocked by an inspector, who found that the design of the ‘imposing’ new home lacked ‘any modest qualities’.

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Traveller pitches refused on previously developed green belt land

Plans to replace a derelict shed in the green belt near Basildon with three traveller pitches have been rejected by an inspector, who found no very special circumstances to justify the scheme despite the council’s ‘significant shortfall’ in pitch provision.

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‘Generic’ benefits of 325-home scheme do not justify landscape harm

An inspector has rejected plans for 325 homes on the edge of Didcot, Berkshire, after ruling that the scheme’s ‘generic’ benefits did not outweigh its development plan conflict and the harm it would cause to a valued landscape.

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Jenrick in green belt U-turn following High Court challenge

The housing secretary has redetermined an application to build 500 homes on green belt land near Bradford after his 2019 decision to reject the plans contrary to his inspector’s advice was quashed by the High Court, this time granting permission.

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Enforcement upheld against 'thriving creative hub'

An inspector has reluctantly upheld enforcement action against a 'successful and thriving artistic community' in Tottenham despite noting that it was 'a more attractive place to live' than many flat conversions he had seen, noting that it was 'a shame' the use could not be controlled through conditions.

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Costs awarded against appellant for ‘evolving scheme’ after 196 objections

The applicant behind plans to build 18 affordable homes near Bath must pay costs, after an inspector ruled that he had attempted to ‘evolve the scheme through the appeals process’ without properly consulting interested parties.

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Flats ‘floating’ above beer garden would harm heritage

An inspector has blocked plans to convert and extend a Victorian pub in West London which included a new three-storey block that would appear to ‘float’ above the pub’s beer garden, citing harm to the surrounding conservation area.

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