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Appeals round-up: Pub saved from residential conversion to maintain variety; Replacement of de-listed building refused in green belt

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 24 November-30 November 2018

Pub saved from residential conversion to maintain variety

An inspector has refused plans to convert a Hampshire pub into a four-bedroom home, after ruling that although other pubs in the village offered similar facilities, they did not provide the same 'ambience' .

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Replacement of de-listed building refused in green belt

Plans to replace a 'mock' oast house on green belt land near Tonbridge with a new-build home were deemed inappropriate development by an inspector, who refused the scheme despite the building's 'diminished heritage value'.

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Hamlet's 'declined status' precludes green belt housing

Two houses were not to be, after an inspector ruled that a small settlement in Essex was not a ‘village’ for the purposes of green belt infill development because it had ‘declined in status’ since losing its church and parish status.

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Garage conversion allowed despite Jodrell Bank telescope objection

Plans to convert a domestic outbuilding into a standalone home can go ahead, despite objections from staff at nearby Jodrell Bank telescope over the cumulative impact of development on its efficiency.

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Wembley parking enforcement quashed under 10-year rule

A school can continue to offer car parking during events at nearby Wembley Stadium, after persuading an inspector that the use had begun ten years and one month before the council issued an enforcement notice for an unauthorised change of use.

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Affordable housing condition lifted in light of new NPPF

An inspector has cited the revised NPPF in removing a negatively worded affordable housing condition from a 2016 housing permission, despite 'high and demonstrable' local need.

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Student flats allowed contrary to incoming guidance document

Plans to replace a Swansea pub with 64 beds of student accommodation have been approved despite conflict with the council's incoming planning guidance document, in light of Swansea's projected increase in student population.

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Risk to high-value tree from MRI unit's concrete platform

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for a 'concrete pad' to accommodate a mobile MRI scanner at a hospital in Swansea, citing potential harm to the roots of a high-quality yew tree.

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