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Appeals round-up: Pub demolition blocked after more than 1,000 objections; 105 flats allowed near industrial estate under permitted development

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 22 June-28 June, 2019

Pub demolition blocked after more than 1,000 objections

An inspector has blocked plans to replace a popular 1930s pub in Orpington with a new building comprising 11 flats, a shop and a new pub, after more than 1,000 people objected to the scheme.

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105 flats allowed near industrial estate under permitted development

Plans to convert the offices of an adult gaming company near Heathrow Airport into 105 flats under permitted development rules can go ahead, after an inspector ruled that parking concerns could be dealt with by condition.

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Rooftop play area would harm Birmingham conservation area

Plans to add a rooftop play area disguised as a mansard roof to a nursery in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter would harm the surrounding conservation area, an inspector has ruled.

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Inspector foils Whitechapel murder mystery plan

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for an 'immersive theatre experience' involving the installation of a train carriage in an East London railway arch, citing a loss of employment space and harm to town centre vitality.

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227 more homes allowed with no new access

An inspector has allowed plans for 227 homes in Stoke-on-Trent that would be accessed through an existing housing estate, ruling that off-site road improvements proposed as part of the scheme meant it would improve road safety in the area overall.

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Grampian condition is necessary for quarry expansion

An inspector has approved plans to expand a quarry in Somerset subject to a negatively worded condition, ruling that the need to protect the water table and a nearby ancient monument amounted to ‘clear justification’.

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Fallback position justifies lower affordable housing contribution

Plans to convert and extend a property in Islington to create five flats can go ahead with only 20 per cent of the affordable housing contribution sought by the council, an inspector has ruled.

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