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Appeals round-up: Protected trees to make way for Wrexham housing scheme; Business use preferred to continuation of community centre

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 30 June-6 July, 2018

Protected trees to make way for Wrexham housing scheme

An inspector has approved the removal of two ‘declining’ protected trees in North Wales to make way for 22 homes, in light of the council’s housing supply shortfall.

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Business use preferred to continuation of community centre

A community centre operating on a Luton industrial estate since 2008 has been refused permission to stay open for another three years after an inspector found a recent increase in demand for the site’s allocated business use.

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Future extensions not included in green belt replacement calculation

An inspector has dismissed an appellant’s suggestion that approved but unbuilt extensions to an existing green belt home should be taken into account when considering the relative size of a proposed replacement building.

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Very special circumstances in two-home green belt appeal

The benefits of replacing an ‘unsightly’ kennel complex in Barnet with two new homes would outweigh the scheme’s harm to green belt openness, amounting to very special circumstances, an inspector has ruled.

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Privately funded Bognor Regis regeneration scheme gains approval

A large-scale, mixed-use regeneration project in Bognor Regis inspired by Sir Richard Hotham has been approved, after an inspector found the plans represented ‘design excellence’.

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Retail conversion of red phone box would harm setting of V&A museum

An inspector has refused plans to convert an ‘iconic’ red telephone box outside London’s Victoria and Albert museum into a ‘refreshments kiosk’, finding unacceptable harm to the area’s important heritage assets.

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Asking price of rural worker’s dwelling ‘out of reach’

An inspector has removed a 1981 condition limiting the occupancy of a country home near Bristol to rural workers, ruling that the property's £1.1 million asking price meant it was ‘out of reach’ for most people eligible to live there.

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New home would disrupt internationally important telescope

An inspector has refused plans for a five-bedroom home near Crewe because of potential disruption to the Jodrell Bank radio telescope, despite other approved and allocated housing in the area.

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