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Appeals round-up: Prior approval refused for GPDO conversion of ‘abandoned’ office; Noise reduction outweighs visual harm of 21ft tall acoustic fence

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 19 May-25 May, 2018

Prior approval refused for GPDO conversion of ‘abandoned’ office

After assessing contradicting evidence, an inspector has refused prior approval to convert an office building near Colchester into 28 flats under GPDO rules, concluding that its office use had been ‘abandoned’.

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Noise reduction outweighs visual harm of 21ft tall acoustic fence

An inspector has approved a large acoustic fence near a major railway line in Barnet, north-west London, after ruling that the benefits of reducing noise from the railway would outweigh any visual harm.

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Indoor riding arena would harm South Downs National Park

An inspector has refused plans for a horse-riding arena in the South Downs National Park, ruling that the 10-metre tall steel-framed barn it would be housed in would harm the character of the area.

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‘Abandoned’ residential use of derelict Welsh cottage precludes renovation

An inspector has refused permission to renovate a stone cottage in Conwy County, ruling that its derelict condition meant its residential use had been ‘abandoned’.

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Brokenshire blocks 1,000-home garden village

In determining his first recovered appeal as housing secretary, James Brokenshire has rejected plans for a major new 50 per cent affordable ‘garden village’ in Surrey, despite the council’s housing land supply of only 2.65 years.

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Applying draft NPPF’s housing delivery test is premature, rules inspector

An inspector has allowed 123 homes in Lancashire after deciding that the local council’s attempt to refuse the scheme by using the ‘housing delivery test’ contained in the draft revised NPPF would be ‘premature’.

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Beach huts would harm setting of Dorset world heritage site

An inspector has refused plans for 45 beach huts on a Dorset cliffside despite the appellant’s similar fallback scheme, noting that the local council ‘may have been generous’ in granting the earlier permission.

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Inspector allows 175 homes on Nottingham green belt land

A major housing scheme can go ahead on green belt land south of Nottingham, after an inspector identified ‘very special circumstances’ in light of the council’s other housing allocations.

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