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Appeals round-up: Portable golf shelter is a building, rules inspector; 72 per cent size increase ‘not disproportionate’ in green belt

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 13 April-19 April, 2019

Portable golf shelter is a building, rules inspector

A 10-metre wide and four-metre tall ‘portable golf shelter’ designed to allow play to continue in bad weather has not harmed the openness of Leeds’ green belt, an inspector has found.

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72 per cent size increase ‘not disproportionate’ in green belt

Plans for further extensions to a home in the Surrey Hills AONB that would result in a 72 per cent increase over its original size would not be ‘disproportionate’, ruled an inspector.

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Cafe's pavement extension adds ‘vibrancy’ to shopping terrace

An inspector has quashed enforcement action against a glazed forecourt cover structure added to one unit of an otherwise uniform row of shops in Manchester, ruling that it added ‘vibrancy’ to the street.

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New home would be too close to youth park

Plans to build a new home in the village of Cubert, Cornwall, could prevent the future installation of more facilities at a nearby youth park, an inspector has ruled.

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Catford tower allowed contrary to masterplan

An inspector has approved plans for an eight-storey tower in Catford comprising 42 flats, despite acknowledging that it could ‘constrain’ future plans to regenerate the Plassy Island area.

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Extension is not permitted development due to 10cm gap

Plans for a rear extension were not covered by permitted development rights, an inspector has ruled, because a part of the original home’s rear elevation was set back by just 10 centimetres.

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Progressive illness justifies self-build home

An inspector has approved a disabled man’s plans to build a single-storey home in his rear garden contrary to the council’s spatial plan, ruling that to refuse permission would seriously compromise the appellant’s human rights.

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Housing scheme would harm ‘irreplaceable’ listed farmstead

Plans for 150 homes near the Meon Valley in Hampshire would harm the setting of two grade II* listed buildings, an inspector has ruled, refusing permission despite the council’s housing supply shortfall.

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