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Appeals round-up: Policy wording foils church conversion; Victorian conservation area building can make way for flats

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 8 May-15 May, 2020

Policy wording foils church conversion

An inspector has refused permission to convert a vacant Methodist church in Derbyshire into a home, following the ‘logical interpretation’ of a policy that ‘could have been more clearly written’.

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Victorian conservation area building can make way for flats

Plans to demolish an early 19th century building in Theale, Berkshire, to make way for a block of 15 flats can go ahead, an inspector has ruled, describing the proposed replacement building as ‘subtle’.

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Care company offices can replace GP surgery

An inspector has approved plans to use a vacant GP surgery in Eltham as offices for a local home care company because the scheme ‘would not harm the provision of community facilities’ in the area.

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Jenrick blocks 516 homes next to ‘irreplaceable’ bog

Major housing plans for land next to a site of special scientific interest that were opposed by a cross-party group of MPs and Sir David Attenborough have been rejected by the housing secretary Robert Jenrick.

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Newly made neighbourhood plan defeats recovered appeal

Plans for 65 homes in Farnham recommended for approval by an inspector have been rejected by the housing secretary, who cited the four tests at NPPF paragraph 11 concerning neighbourhood plans.

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Greenfield housing allowed despite 456 objections

An inspector has approved plans for 48 affordable homes on undeveloped green space in Horwich, near Bolton, despite hundreds of objections from local people.

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Efficiency improvements would not amount to an extension

Plans to improve the insulation of a glazed conservatory to a bungalow in the New Forest would not amount to an extension, an inspector has ruled, after finding no ‘thermal separation’ between the two.

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