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Appeals round-up: Plaque honouring 'not particularly old' bridge allowed; 116-home green belt scheme would not be exceptional

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 20 June-26 June, 2020

Plaque honouring 'not particularly old' bridge allowed

Plans to commemorate a 19th century bridge in the Peak District with a plaque can go ahead, after an inspector found it unlikely that road safety would be jeopardised by people congregating around it.

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116-home green belt scheme would not be exceptional

An inspector has rejected plans for 116 homes on undeveloped green belt land in Essex, ruling that the scheme's benefits did not cumulatively amount to 'very special circumstances'.

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Social club in former dry cleaners harms shopping street

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against a social club for the Turkish and Kurdish community in Stoke Newington, finding it contrary to local policies on shopping frontages.

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Jenrick approves divisive Notting Hill regeneration project

The housing secretary has taken his inspector's advice to approve a regeneration scheme in West London, after negotiations with the Mayor of London led the developer to double the scheme's affordable housing.

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Jenrick rejects housing scheme following High Court order

The housing secretary has blocked plans for 203 homes near Milton Keynes, after his predecessor Sajid Javid's decision to refuse permission was successfully challenged by the developer in court.

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Newcastle housing scheme blocked over odour concerns

Plans for 58 flats downwind of Newcastle's principal recycling and waste treatment facility could lead to odour complaints that would disrupt the city's waste management services, an inspector has ruled.

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Fallback justifies harmful homes in AONB and WHS

Six affordable homes in Cornwall that would 'greatly compromise' views of the surrounding AONB and world heritage site can go ahead, after an inspector decided that an extant fall-back scheme would be more harmful.

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