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Appeals round-up: Planning balance 'significantly against' 97-home Gladman scheme; Timber processing not allowed under green belt forestry exception

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 17 August-23 August, 2019

Planning balance 'significantly against' 97-home Gladman scheme

A developer's plans to build 97 homes on unallocated land in Colchester have been blocked, after an inspector found unacceptable landscape and heritage harm following a five-day inquiry.

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Timber processing not allowed under green belt forestry exception

An inspector has blocked plans for a 'forestry storage building' in the metropolitan green belt, ruling that it did not fall within the provisions of NPPF paragraph 145(g) because it would be 'a follow up activity taking place after the actual forestry'.

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Zinc-clad bungalow extension 'thoroughly at odds' with surroundings

An inspector rejected Aylesbury Vale council's arguments that a proposed extension to a bungalow would preclude its occupation by elderly people, before dismissing permission on design grounds.

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'Massive' terrace would harm village conservation area

An inspector has blocked plans for 30 homes including a five-home terrace in Redgrave, Suffolk, commenting that the terrace's 'massive' 50m frontage would be incongruous with existing buildings.

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'Intimidating' road would form barrier between homes and services

An inspector has rejected plans for 12 self-build homes in Lincolnshire, ruling that residents who could not 'scamper across' an 'intimidating' nearby road would need a car to reach services only 2km away.

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Sports bar's timber cladding must be removed

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against a sports bar's timber cladding, noting that it was 'contrasting sharply' with the rest of the street.

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Plans to expand music industry hub unacceptable

A mixed use development in north London to support the expansion of 'Europe's largest community of independent musicians' has been blocked at a major inquiry, after an inspector objected to the scheme's 'brooding and boxy' design.

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Parliament Square suffragette statue plans rejected

Plans lodged by former MP Sir Neil Thorne to install a second statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in Westminster have been blocked, after an inspector noted that monument space in the area is a 'finite resource'.

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Cantilevered hilltop home blocked by bats in Bath

A design review panel-supported proposal to replace an existing home overlooking the city of Bath with a unique contemporary house has been blocked by an inspector, who cited concerns over the scheme's impact on protected bats.

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Marble cladding on Victorian terrace 'completely at odds' with surroundings

Enforcement action has been upheld against a Vauxhall homeowner who clad the ground floor frontage of his Victorian terraced home in white marble, after an inspector called the works 'jarring and incongruous'

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