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Appeals round-up: Paid-for donkey rides deemed a material change of use; Four-storey vinyl artwork is allowed at Beefeater distillery

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planing appeals: 3 October-9 October, 2020

Paid-for donkey rides deemed a material change of use

‘Allowing your friends to ride your donkeys’ can be considered ancillary to keeping them, an inspector ruled but offering commercial rides constituted a change of use that required planning permission – foiling a Devon farm’s business plans.

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Four-storey vinyl artwork is allowed at Beefeater distillery

Plans for a large artwork covering much of one of the walls of the Beefeater gin distillery in South London can go ahead, after an inspector decided that the proposal was ‘reminiscent of traditional advertisements’ on commercial properties.

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Football club’s digital advert would compromise public safety

Hereford United FC’s plans to erect a digital advertising screen near its stadium would distract drivers approaching an already ‘complex arrangement’ of junctions because of its ‘flashing effect’, an inspector has ruled.

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Rapidly worsening affordability justifies 128-home scheme

Plans for 128 affordable homes on the edge of Burton-upon-Trent would help to address a ‘pressing need’ an inspector ruled, after noting the worsening affordability in an area where house prices have increased 48 per cent since 2012.

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Trainspotting facility’s rural location is justified, rules inspector

Plans for a trainspotting facility in rural Lincolnshire offering a viewing platform of the East Coast Main Line and historic train-style camping pods can go ahead, an inspector ruled, rejecting the council’s claim that it was a ‘niche opportunity’.

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Harm to listed theatre narrowly outweighs connectivity improvements

In a finely balanced decision, an inspector decided that the public benefits of greater connectivity from installing new telecoms equipment on the roof of a historic theatre in Windsor were outweighed by the heritage harm the plan would cause.

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Missing SPA mitigation agreement scuppers restoration project

A restoration project at a Kent farmstead involving the reconstruction of a collapsed listed barn and conversion of an historic oast house has been scuppered by a failure to agree mitigation measures for a nearby protected habitat.

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