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Appeals round-up: Office space preferred to more hotel rooms in Islington; ‘No interest in split decision’ for pub refurbishment

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 25th-31st March 2017

Office space preferred to more hotel rooms in Islington

Plans to convert a mixed-use building's office space into hotel rooms have been blocked after an inspector decided that although the local plan promotes the proliferation of both, office space should be prioritised.

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‘No interest in split decision’ for pub refurbishment

An inspector has dismissed plans to renovate a vacant pub in West Sussex and build houses and car parking on its land – despite not objecting to the refurbishment – because the two parts of the application were interdependent.

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270-home Garstang development’s benefits outweigh access concerns

Outline permission has been given for plans to build 270 homes, 4.68 hectares of employment space and other amenities, after an inspector decided that access problems were not severe enough to block an otherwise sustainable development.

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Restaurant-to-homes plan turned down to protect village services

A restaurant owner’s plan to replace his restaurant with seven houses has been blocked after an inspector determined that the community's facilities must be protected, despite the business operating at a loss for the past five years.

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Equine use could unbolt stable door for harm to AONB

A proposal to convert agricultural land for equine use in the High Weald area has been rejected because it could open the way to harmful works being allowed.

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Loss of Kingston hotel outweighed by housing gain

Plans to demolish a south-west London hotel and replace it with 19 houses and 60 flats have been approved, after an inspector ruled that more housing outweighed the loss of employment opportunities, given the council’s weak housing supply plan.

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Digital advertising screens allowed despite conservation area statement

An inspector has given permission for a digital advertising screen in the London conservation area of Newington Green, despite a local authority statement from 2014 that expressly prohibits them.

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Road safety fears unfounded for 34-home scheme

Outline permission to build 34 houses near Donington Le Heath in Leicestershire has been permitted after an inspector dismissed access and road safety concerns.

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Houses ruled ‘within acceptable walking time’ of services

Plans to build two detached houses near Dobcross, Oldham, have been allowed after an inspector decided that although the distance to nearby services was too great, the walking time was still acceptable.

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80-home development would not harm Cambridgeshire conservation area

Plans to build 80 homes next to the village of Barnack in Cambridgeshire have been green-lit as the inspector decided it would not materially harm its conservation area.

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Housing plan posed hard journeys for older people

Plans for 10 age-restricted homes in Cornwall have been refused after an inspector determined that the walking distance to various dispersed facilities made the location unsustainable for older people.

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Restoration of abandoned home would not harm Welsh language

A plan to reinstate an abandoned historic dwelling near Aberystwyth has been approved, after an inspector found it would not harm the Welsh language.

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