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Appeals round-up: No reason students should not expect adequate lighting, rules inspector; Chelsea balustrade decision turns on definition of 'roof'

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 15 September-21 September, 2018.

No reason students should not expect adequate lighting, rules inspector

Plans to convert a listed former freemasons' hall in Huddersfield into 16 two-bedroom student flats have been blocked, after an inspector found that some of the flats would have no external windows or wardrobe space.

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Chelsea balustrade decision turns on definition of 'roof'

An inspector has upheld an enforcement notice against a glass balustrade that was installed on the roof of a Chelsea townhouse, citing technical guidance published in 2017 relating to permitted development rights.

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NHS sign would harm amenity of award-winning building

A plan to install a sign displaying the NHS logo on the front facade of a RIBA award winning research building at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital has been blocked for harm to the building's 'visual amenity'.

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Residential conversion of redundant substation would be 'incongruous'

Revised plans to convert an electricity substation in Stanmore into a home would result in a 'bulky and cramped' building that would appear incongruous compared to the large family homes nearby, an inspector has ruled.

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175 homes blocked after High Court revokes permission

Plans for 175 homes in Essex have been refused after the High Court quashed a previous inspector’s decision to approve the scheme in light of a legal challenge by Tendring District Council.

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‘Sceptical’ inspector upholds enforcement against low-quality micro flats

An inspector has upheld an enforcement notice issued by Brent Borough Council against a ‘modest’ home that was converted into five self-contained flats as small as 11 square metres, following a two-day inquiry.

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Glasshouses not ‘previously developed’ despite produce sales

A dilapidated horticultural nursery on the Wirral Peninsula was in solely agricultural use and is therefore not ‘previously developed land’, ruled an inspector, dismissing the appellant’s claim that selling produce on the site made it a ‘mixed use’.

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Care home allowed on site allocated to recreation use

A 64-bed care home has been approved on land reserved for ‘recreation use’ in the local development plan, after an inspector found the Bicester area’s need for care facilities to be a material consideration.

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