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Appeals round-up: No re-amalgamation for Knightsbridge flats subdivided after bomb damage; Temporary permission for ‘winter festivities’ on Twickenham riverside

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 6 November-12 November, 2017

No re-amalgamation for Knightsbridge flats subdivided after bomb damage

An inspector has refused plans to re-amalgamate a flat that was subdivided as part of Second World War bomb damage repairs, ruling that the post-war works hold their own significance because they reflected the ‘changing needs of society’ after the war.

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Temporary permission for ‘winter festivities’ on Twickenham riverside

An inspector has granted temporary permission for a 400-square metre ice rink in Twickenham as part of ‘winter festivities’ in the area, subject to various conditional requirements including a complaints hotline.

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Retirement complex does not warrant sport and leisure contribution

An inspector has allowed 16 sheltered accommodation units for people over 55 to go ahead without a financial contribution to local sport and leisure facilities, ruling that retirement accommodation does not warrant the levy in the same way as ‘conventional housing’.

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Green belt rules outweigh benefits of reducing CO2 emissions

An inspector has refused plans for an energy storage facility near Gravesend that would regulate National Grid energy supplies, ruling that the scheme’s benefits – including a cut in CO2 emissions – could not outweigh harm to the green belt.

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‘Vibrantly coloured’ children's playhouses not harmful to listed cottage

An inspector has granted retrospective permission for two brightly painted playhouses in the garden of a 16th century cottage in Suffolk, describing them as ‘typical domestic paraphernalia’.

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Javid approves 200-home scheme after High Court quashes predecessor’s decision

The communities secretary has approved 200 homes, 20 self-build plots, 37 retirement apartments and a community centre in the Forest of Dean, after the High Court quashed his predecessor Greg Clark’s 2015 decision to block the scheme.

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Ministerial statement outweighs core strategy, rules inspector

In refusing a plan for seven homes in Camberley on character and appearance grounds, an inspector ruled that the 2014 ministerial statement on affordable housing carried more weight than local policy.

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Javid ignores inspector’s advice on green belt crematoria

Following a joint inquiry that considered two separate crematorium proposals in South Staffordshire, communities secretary Sajid Javid has gone against his inspector’s advice by deciding to allow the scheme with the greater catchment area.

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Local plan ‘tension’ halts 400-home scheme despite legal challenge

An inspector has refused permission for 400 homes on the site of a quarry east of Crewe because of conflict with the newly adopted local plan, despite a legal challenge against its adoption prompted by allegations of data falsification.

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