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Appeals round-up: No prior approval for commenced conversion; Affordable housing provision from small sites deemed 'meaningful'

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 7 March-13 March, 2020

No prior approval for commenced conversion

An inspector has cited case law in refusing retrospective prior approval for the conversion of a building in Bromley from offices to flats, which states that prior approval cannot be granted for development that has already begun.

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Affordable housing provision from small sites deemed 'meaningful'

Three Rivers District Council was justified in seeking a 45 per cent affordable housing contribution from a pub conversion scheme contrary to NPPF policy, an inspector has ruled, citing the 'meaningful' contribution the council draws from smaller schemes.

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Quarry restoration works do not justify green belt home

An inspector has rejected plans for a self-build home in the green belt that would fund the restoration of a nearby abandoned quarry, ruling that the site could not be considered 'previously developed land'.

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Jenrick quashes enforcement against museum for 'India's greatest figure'

The housing secretary has quashed enforcement action against a museum commemorating the Indian statesman Dr B. R. Ambedkar that was set up in a Camden townhouse bought and converted by an Indian state government in 2015.

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Jenrick allows 400 homes in Newmarket after 10-year legal battle

Plans to develop a greenfield site in Newmarket that have been the subject of numerous court decisions since 2009 have been approved by the housing secretary, who rejected the concerns of the town's horse-racing industry.

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James overrules inspector to block homes near floodplain

The Welsh housing minister has rejected her inspector's advice that 'exceptional circumstances' justified plans for 440 homes in an area of high flood risk near Pontypridd, citing the 'precautionary approach' advocated by national policy.

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Existing anti-suicide fencing preferred to redesigned alternative

A heritage group's alternative plans for anti-suicide fencing on the grade-II listed Archway Bridge in north London have been rejected by an inspector who ruled that the new design would be less effective in terms of public safety.

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