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Appeals round-up: New obesity policy renders takeaway unacceptable; Solar panels refused on listed Sussex home

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 16 May-22 May, 2020

New obesity policy renders takeaway unacceptable

In refusing permission for a takeaway in a town near Sunderland, an inspector has cited an anti-obesity policy that was adopted six months after the application was submitted.

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Solar panels refused on listed Sussex home

An inspector has refused plans to install 18 solar panels on a grade II listed home, noting that the energy inefficiency of listed buildings must be balanced against the 'non-monetary benefits' of occupying them.

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Extension to 'less than ideal' hotel refused

Plans to extend an east London hotel and 'tidy' its 'less than ideal' frontage have been rejected by an inspector, who noted 'understandable disappointment' that there were no plans to demolish the building.

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Costs against council for blocking 204-home scheme

Rushcliffe Borough Council must pay partial costs for refusing plans for major housing development in West Bridgford, after an inspector ruled that two of its three reasons for refusal were unsubstantiated.

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'Swell of local opinion' persuades inspector to save pub

An inspector has rejected plans to convert a popular local pub into a six-bedroom home, noting that the owner had increased its asking price by £50,000 while allowing its condition to deteriorate.

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Pandemic does not justify green belt overflow car park

An inspector has upheld enforcement action against an area of overflow parking at a care home in the Nottingham green belt, notwithstanding the appellant's 'elegantly and forcefully put' argument.

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Design measures protect scout camp from overlooking

An inspector has approved two six-storey buildings as part of the Millbrook Park redevelopment scheme in north London, finding that the scheme's design successfully mitigated its impact on a nearby scout camp.

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