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Appeals round-up: Need for housing does not justify design failings; Hermetically sealed greenhouse dwelling not covered by GPDO

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 2 April-8 April, 2021

Need for housing does not justify design failings

Plans for 268 flats on a business park in Hemel Hempstead have been blocked by an inspector, who commented that the need for housing ‘should not compromise the drive for quality’, finding that residents’ living conditions would be ‘seriously prejudiced’.

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Hermetically sealed greenhouse dwelling is not covered by GPDO

Plans to convert two-thirds of a working commercial greenhouse into a home by installing a ‘hermetically sealed box’ have been rejected by an inspector, who ruled that the scheme was not covered by permitted development rules.

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Alternative Bristol brownfield schemes both fail

Two different iterations of a developer’s plans to redevelop a former engineering works in Bedminster, Bristol, were both rejected by an inspector following a single hearing, after he found that neither would deliver ‘high-quality urban design’.

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Harm to listed building rules out 42-home scheme

An inspector has cited harm to the setting of a grade II listed building and settlement coalescence in refusing plans for 42 homes on the edge of Worcester, despite acknowledging the ‘pressing need’ for new housing.

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Nutrient neutrality concerns lead to split decision over historic college

An inspector has approved plans to convert the 15th century Wye College into homes and community space, while rejecting the appellant’s plans to build more housing nearby, citing nutrient neutrality requirements relating to nearby protected sites.

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Aberdeenshire Traveller site is approved after eight-year battle

Scottish ministers have granted permission for a Gypsy and Traveller site in Aberdeenshire after calling it in for a second time, citing the ‘significant hardship’ that would befall residents if permission was refused owing to the lack of alternative sites in the area.

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Jenrick approves green belt crematoriums after court ruling

The housing secretary has reapproved plans for two separate crematorium schemes in Staffordshire, after his predecessor Sajid Javid’s 2017 decision to grant permission was quashed by the High Court.

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