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Appeals round-up: Need for burial space in East London does not outweigh green belt harm; Geometric lagoon permitted in Devonshire countryside

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 19 June-23 June, 2017

Need for burial space in East London does not outweigh green belt harm

An inspector has blocked plans for a 27-hectare cemetery in Romford, Essex, ruling that the continuing need for burial space in East London would not outweigh the scheme’s harm to the green belt and a nearby Special Character Area.

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Geometric lagoon permitted in Devonshire countryside

An inspector has ruled there is ‘proven need’ for an 8,000m3 lined earth lagoon in open countryside near Farringdon, Devon. He has granted permission after finding no significant harm to the character of the landscape.

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Pavilion could revive local interest in sport

Plans for a pavilion and community hall near Oakham, Rutland, have been approved after an inspector suggested that the new multi-functional community space could revive interest in sport and recreation in the area.

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Replacement home blocked after High Court quashes previous decision

Plans for a replacement home near Gloucester have been refused, after the High Court quashed a previous inspector’s decision to grant permission and ordered a redetermination of the proposal.

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Residential scheme would enhance Leamington conservation area

An inspector has granted permission to replace a warehouse in Leamington Spa with a residential development, saying that the warehouse’s ‘awkward’ appearance meant replacing it would have a positive effect on the conservation area.

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147-home scheme blocked despite according with spatial strategy

An inspector has refused permission for a 147-home scheme in Kettering that would accord with the Northamptonshire joint core strategy. He ruled the area’s five-year housing land supply of 5.7 years satisfactory despite the council having overstated it.

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Affordable housing impasse stalls mixed-use Islington block

A stepped five-storey retail and accommodation block in Islington, North London, has been refused permission after an inspector called the appellant’s proposed affordable housing contribution ‘inadequate’.

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‘No demand’ for community use of former London police station

An inspector has granted permission to change a former police station in St John’s Wood into apartments, ruling that despite a ‘deficient’ initial marketing exercise, the lack of demand to retain it for community or social use has now been demonstrated.

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Self-build homes blocked despite undefined green belt boundary

Plans for 39 self-build homes outside of Morpeth have been blocked, after an inspector ruled the scheme would be inappropriate green belt development, despite the local plan having yet to define the 'precise boundaries' of the green belt.

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