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Appeals round-up: National park airstrip found harmful to protected birds; Management plan justifies airsoft in AONB ancient woodland

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 24 April-30 April, 2021

National park airstrip found harmful to protected birds

An application to lift an article 4 direction and allow the private weekly use of an airstrip in the North York Moors has been rejected for a fourth time, after an inspector took a precautionary approach to the potential disturbance of two protected bird species.

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Management plan justifies airsoft in AONB ancient woodland

An application to continue the use of ancient woodland in the Kent Downs AONB for airsoft and other outdoor activities has been approved by an inspector, who was satisfied with the management plan proposed by the appellant.

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Pheasant-rearing business could disrupt neighbours

An inspector has refused permission for a pheasant-rearing business in rural Carmarthenshire, considering it ‘inevitable’ that 28,000 birds would make ‘some element of noise’ capable of disrupting nearby residents.

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Child’s best interests justify cantilevered river platform

An inspector has granted retrospective permission for a partly cantilevered riverside viewing platform in the Gloucestershire green belt, finding the appellants’ argument that the structure benefited their disabled child ‘clear and compelling’.

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‘Very special circumstances’ justify pub’s outdoor ‘dining barns’

A pub in Surrey has won permission for three outdoor ‘dining barns’ that were rejected at appeal shortly after the first Covid-19 lockdown began in March 2020, after an inspector agreed that a ‘material change in circumstances’ had occurred since.

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373 homes approved despite neighbourhood plan conflict

An inspector has granted outline permission for 373 homes plus a new pub and primary school in Devon despite conflict with a made neighbourhood plan, citing the council's housing land supply of less than three years and the scheme's benefits.

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Sorting office redevelopment would not be of high quality

Plans to replace a former postal sorting office in Harrow with a six-storey building offering 60 flats and commercial space were rejected by an inspector, who found that the scheme ‘would not achieve a high-quality building’ or be an appropriate use of the site.

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