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Appeals round-up: Music condition at Rotherham pub not a Trojan horse; Persimmon scheme would not 'achieve a well-designed place’

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 13 March-19 March, 2021

Music condition at Rotherham pub not a Trojan horse

A bid to remove a condition attached to a 2016 permission for a pub’s outdoor bar that limited the playing of music anywhere outdoors has been denied by an inspector, who did not agree that the condition was a ‘Trojan horse’.

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Persimmon scheme would not 'achieve a well-designed place’

Plans submitted by Persimmon to build 97 homes on the edge of Middlesbrough have been rejected by an inspector, who found that the scheme would be contrary to a local design code and would fail to achieve a well-designed place.

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Costs awarded against council for refusing Whitechapel infill scheme

Tower Hamlets Borough Council must pay partial costs after an inspector ruled that it had failed to substantiate one of its reasons for blocking plans for a five-storey residential building next to a locally listed synagogue.

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West End theatre conversion would not be ‘sympathetically executed’

Plans to convert a listed theatre and cinema in London’s West End into a hotel have been rejected following a 12-day inquiry, after an inspector ruled that the replacement basement cinema offered by the developer was unsatisfactory.

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Housing secretary awards costs after approving 625-home scheme

Robert Jenrick has ordered both Herefordshire Council and Ledbury Town Council to pay partial costs to developer Bloor Homes for unreasonable behaviour, after approving its plans to build 625 homes near the town's listed Victorian viaduct.

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Conversion of Victorian asylum’s ballroom rejected

An inspector has refused plans to convert a listed ballroom built for patients at an historic Victorian asylum in Southall into flats, noting the ‘valuable insight’ the building offered on ideas about psychiatric care in the 19th century.

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Student housing refused at Scottish battlefield

A reporter has blocked plans for 253 student bedrooms and a 71-bed care home on land in Stirling that saw the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, finding unacceptable disruption to the 'stunning' views afforded from the site.

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