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Appeals round-up: Movie-referencing mural would harm listed cinema; Nuclear evacuation concerns prevent two-bed flat

Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 22 August-28 August, 2020

Movie-referencing mural would harm listed cinema

Plans to paint a large mural referencing 1990s films on the rear of a listed former Odeon cinema in Barnet to discourage graffiti have been rejected, after an inspector decided its harm to the listed building outweighed its public benefits.

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Nuclear evacuation concerns prevent two-bed flat

Plans for an extension to create a two-bed flat in Tadley, the Hampshire town where the UK’s nuclear weapons are manufactured, would run contrary to evacuation plans in the event of a nuclear emergency, an inspector has ruled.

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Part-conversion of hotel to fund its refurbishment blocked

Plans to convert 20 of a Great Yarmouth hotel’s 60 rooms into flats to fund the refurbishment of the rest of the hotel have been rejected by an inspector, who found the loss of holiday accommodation unacceptable.

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‘Innovative’ housing and education hybrid scheme rejected

Plans to fund a technical college, careers hub and day nursery by building 120 homes near Hull have been blocked by an inspector, who called the appellant’s aim ‘laudable’ but could not support the site’s unsustainable location.

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‘Cat containment area’ deemed harmful to heritage

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for a ‘cat containment area’ added to the front of a stone terraced home in a West Yorkshire conservation area, after rejecting the appellants’ claim that it was ‘almost invisible’.

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Paragraph 79 straw bale house ‘not exceptional’

Plans for a home in the south Lincolnshire countryside submitted under NPPF paragraph 79 have been rejected, after an inspector ruled that the scheme’s Passivhaus-standard energy-saving features were ‘not exceptional’.

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Controversial green belt golf scheme can be enlarged

A £15 million redevelopment of a green belt golf course in Hounslow that was controversially allowed at appeal in 2017 can be enlarged further, after an inspector ruled that the community benefits of the revised scheme outweighed its harm to the green belt. 

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