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Appeals round-up: Mountaineering club can reach new heights; Smaller building would have greater ‘spatial presence’

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 1 December-7 December 2018

Mountaineering club can reach new heights

Plans for a two-storey roof extension to the grade-II listed premises of the world's oldest mountaineering club can go ahead in Eeast London, an inspector has ruled, after finding no harm to the south Shoreditch conservation area.

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Smaller building would have greater ‘spatial presence’

A plan to replace a garden workshop building in Dorset with a holiday home has been blocked for harm to green belt openness, after an inspector found that the new building would have a greater ‘spatial presence’, despite being smaller in size.

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Shipping container shops would be 'incongruent' in East Finchley

Plans to install five shipping containers for retail use behind an existing shop in East Finchley have been blocked, after an inspector found they would bring a 'harsh industrial form' to a residential area characterised by brick and render.

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Art gallery is not in residential use, inspector rules

An inspector has quashed an enforcement notice alleging the unauthorised residential use of an art gallery in Bloomsbury that members of the public can only enter by calling a phone number to be granted access.

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Brokenshire overrules inspector to block South London tower

In a called-in decision, the housing secretary has rejected plans for a 17-storey residential tower in Purley, citing ‘serious concerns’ about its height and calling its design ‘unsympathetic’.

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New housing to fund scheduled monument restoration

An ‘at risk’ 14th century scheduled monument in the Wirral green belt can be converted into four homes, an inspector has ruled, approving 27 more homes on the site to fund the scheme as ‘enabling development’.

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St Albans heritage improvements constitute very special circumstances

An inspector has cited very special circumstances in approving plans for a new home on the border between St Albans conservation area and the surrounding green belt.

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Low density scuppers recovered housing scheme

The housing secretary has blocked plans for 203 homes near Milton Keynes against the advice of his inspector, citing a recent change to the definition of ‘deliverable’ in the revised NPPF.

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