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Appeals round-up: Military vehicle storage unit would ‘incrementally harm’ countryside; Cricket nets ‘to be expected’ at historic cricket club

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 7 July-13 July, 2018

Military vehicle storage unit would ‘incrementally harm’ countryside

A storage unit for a collection of military vehicles has been refused after an inspector found that it would outlast any personal circumstances, leaving a building with ‘no functional purpose’.

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Cricket nets ‘to be expected’ at historic cricket club

An inspector has approved a set of cricket nets at Harlow Cricket Club in Essex, finding no unacceptable noise disruption or harm to the setting of a nearby conservation area.

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Adult gaming centre blocked despite charity offer

An inspector has rejected plans to convert a vacant café in Chorley into an ‘adult gaming centre’, despite the appellant’s offer to display local art in the window and donate a portion of profit from sales to charity.

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Four-storey hotel extension allowed on business park

An inspector has approved plans to add an additional four storeys to a Premier Inn on a business park in Enfield, despite a local policy seeking to limit development to industrial uses.

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100 homes allowed amid ‘clear lack of consistency’ in Bedfordshire

An inspector has approved plans for 100 homes in central Bedfordshire amid conflicting rulings from other inspectors on the status of the local development plan.

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Planned cycling trails would not match ‘thrill’ of unauthorised routes

National Trust plans to create formalised cycling trails at Badbury Hill to prevent harm to ancient woodland have been refused, after an inspector considered that ‘thrill-making’ young riders would still use unauthorised routes.

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216-bed student accommodation scheme approved in Edinburgh

Plans for purpose-built student accommodation in Edinburgh city centre can go ahead, after an inspector noted that the city's 100,000 students are central to its regional economy.

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Visual and landscape impacts outweigh housing scheme’s merits

A 64-home scheme in Cumbria has been blocked after an inspector decided that the harm to landscape and nearby residents outweighed the consideration that a council was using out-of-date limits on settlement boundaries.

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