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Appeals round-up: Lone badger thwarts Passivhaus scheme; Plastic bags do not allay garden play-frame privacy concerns

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 27 April- 3 May, 2019

Lone badger thwarts Passivhaus scheme

An inspector has rejected plans for a sensitively designed, self-sufficient five-bedroom home on previously developed land in Lancashire, due to the presence of a badger sett 'infrequently used by a single badger'.

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Plastic bags do not allay garden play-frame privacy concerns

A back-garden timber play-frame was allowing unacceptable overlooking of a neighbour’s garden, an inspector has ruled, despite the appellant’s attempts to screen views from the structure’s tower using plastic bags.

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Housing refused on land in ‘HS2 buffer zone’

A small parcel of land adjacent to a recently completed housing development cannot be built on, an inspector has ruled, because it forms a buffer between the existing houses and the proposed route for HS2.

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Bristol artists’ collective must make way for offices

The owner of a listed working men’s club in Bristol who leased it to a popular artists’ collective as a ‘stop-gap’ has won permission to convert the building into offices, after persuading an inspector that his plans would best preserve the heritage asset.

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Primate cabins rejected despite compulsory purchase order

An inspector has blocked six cabins intended to house a ‘private primate collection’ in the Dorset green belt, despite acknowledging that plans to widen the M4 motorway had forced the appellant to relocate from her previous home in Buckinghamshire.

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Full costs awarded against appellant for ‘deliberate untruths’

An inspector has ordered a full award of costs against an appellant for claiming that an outbuilding behind his property was built to temporarily accommodate builders, ruling that the appeal asked him to ‘believe the unbelievable’.

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Housing allowed near HS2 route

An inspector has approved plans for 40 homes in a national landscape character area near the proposed HS2 route through Buckinghamshire, noting the ‘considerable physical changes’ it would bring to the area in the near future.

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