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Appeals round-up: Light-blocking building allowed with reduced affordable housing; Local house prices outweigh NPPF guidance

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 31 October-6 November, 2020

Light-blocking building allowed with reduced affordable housing

An inspector has approved plans to build a six-storey block of 66 flats on brownfield land in Colliers Wood, ruling that the scheme’s reduced affordable housing offer and effect on the level of light reaching existing homes were both acceptable.

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Local house prices outweigh NPPF guidance

A proposal to build a single home in Richmond-upon-Thames should incur an affordable housing contribution, notwithstanding national guidance exempting schemes of fewer than 10 homes, an inspector has ruled, citing the area’s high house prices.

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Inadequate hotel parking would ‘severely impact’ residents

Plans for a 73-bedroom hotel in Southampton that would offer only 34 parking spaces have been blocked by an inspector, who found that the impact of overspill parking would have a ‘particularly severe’ impact on the living conditions of nearby residents.

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Housing supply dispensation upheld despite missed deadline

A ministerial statement reducing the housing supply required of Oxfordshire authorities to three years to help them deliver the Oxfordshire joint spatial plan remains in effect despite the deadline for the plan’s submission being missed, an inspector has ruled.

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Landlord’s plan to curtail pub’s live music is approved

An inspector has approved plans for the residential conversion of a South London pub’s upper floors that will force the business to curtail its live music offering, ruling that the pub’s ‘unique character’ would be ‘altered... but not lost’.

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Jenrick rejects Eddie Stobart national distribution centre

The housing secretary has refused plans for a ‘very large’ distribution centre in Warrington that would have created 730 new jobs, citing unacceptable harm to the green belt and a dearth of ‘very special circumstances’.

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Wheelchair access outweighs loss of original features

A delicatessen’s plans to alter its frontage to improve wheelchair access can go ahead after an inspector decided that the scheme’s accessibility benefits outweighed the ‘less than substantial’ harm to the Chiswick High Road conservation area.

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