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Appeals round-up: Leeds green space shortage precludes 46-home scheme; No consent for residential conversion of pub rebuilt after fire

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 17 November-23 November 2018

Leeds green space shortage precludes 46-home scheme

An inspector has cited a green space deficiency of three hectares in Guiseley, Yorkshire, in his decision to refuse plans for 46 homes on a disused allotment, despite the council's housing land supply shortfall.

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No consent for residential conversion of pub rebuilt after fire

An inspector has refused plans for the residential conversion of a Hertfordshire pub that has been vacant since being rebuilt in 2012, after it was destroyed by fire four years earlier.

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‘Unacceptable risk’ from digital advertising near motorway slip road

An inspector has blocked plans to replace two advertising hoardings next to the M621 motorway in Leeds with digital displays, ruling that they could distract drivers negotiating its slip road.

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Weak green belt border does not justify housing

Plans for 19 homes near Warrington have been blocked after an inspector rejected the appellant’s argument that housing would strengthen the area’s weak green belt boundary.

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Regeneration of Rainham site is ‘of London-wide importance’

Plans to build 56 flats and three houses on a neglected roadside near Rainham, East London, can go ahead, an inspector has ruled, after the appellant sacrificed a portion of its projected profits to improve its affordable housing offering.

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Plan to preserve local tradition refused over heritage harm

Plans for a building in Minehead, Somerset, that would house a permanent display for the town’s traditional hobby horse have been blocked, after an inspector found unacceptable harm to the setting of two nearby listed buildings.

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Paddocks not 'previously developed land', inspector rules

An inspector has refused plans for 75 homes at a riding school in north Yorkshire, after ruling that the school's adjacent paddocks were not within its curtilage and could not be considered 'previously developed land'.

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Notice upheld against collapsed building

An inspector has upheld an enforcement notice ordering the removal of a garage near Swansea that collapsed while being converted to a holiday let, after the council ruled that continuing the works would constitute a new building.

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