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Appeals round-up: Larger revised wind farm scheme approved in Perthshire; Historic photographs justify green belt extension

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 19 January-25 January, 2019

Larger revised wind farm scheme approved in Perthshire

A Scottish reporter has approved controversial plans for nine wind turbines in Perthshire, despite similar plans to build four turbines on the site having been blocked in 2010.

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Historic photographs justify green belt extension

An extension to a cottage in the Cheshire green belt would not be disproportionate, an inspector has ruled, after the appellant produced photos from the 1930s showing that the building was once much larger.

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Insufficient profit margin to justify rural worker's dwelling

An inspector has rejected an agricultural worker's proposal to build a permanent home on his farm near Redditch, because she was not satisfied that the business was financially sound.

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Dogs barking at Anglesey kennels would be 'very disturbing'

Plans for a kennels business on the Isle of Anglesey have been blocked, after an inspector ruled that the noise of dogs barking would be 'very irritating and disturbing', despite the 'sometimes deafening' noise from the airfield nearby.

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188 flats in Hove approved with slashed affordable housing offer

An inspector has approved a major brownfield scheme in Hove, despite the appellant's decision to lower its affordable housing offering from an initial 18.8 per cent to only 10 per cent at the appeal stage.

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Notice against outbuilding quashed under four-year rule

An inspector has quashed an enforcement notice against an outbuilding in Stamford Hill under the four year rule, finding that even if 'no reasonable person' would consider the building a dwelling-house, it had still been in use as one.

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299 flats at Aberdeen quarry refused on design grounds

A reporter has rejected the ‘modular’ design of a major residential scheme planned at the famous Rubislaw Quarry in Aberdeen, ruling that the proposal would be overdevelop the site.

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Flood refuge ‘man cave’ on Thames island would harm green belt

An inspector has blocked plans for a flood refuge and ‘man cave’ on an island in the River Thames near Molesey, south-west London, finding no very special circumstances to justify the scheme in the green belt.

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