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Appeals round-up: Larger extension preferred at site of listed farmhouse; Facebook post shows lagoon is immune from enforcement action

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 11 January-17 January, 2020

Larger extension preferred at site of listed farmhouse

After an inspector considered two schemes to convert an outbuilding at a 17th-century manor house in Northamptonshire concurrently, the application proposing a larger extension won her approval.

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Facebook post shows lagoon is immune from enforcement action

An inspector considered a Facebook post evidence enough to show that an unauthorised slurry lagoon in West Sussex was immune from enforcement action under the ‘four-year rule’, although he upheld action against other development on the land.

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Action upheld against outbuilding with 'extremely poor outlook'

In upholding enforcement action against an outbuilding in Sydenham that was in use as a dwelling, an inspector strongly criticised the 'poor quality' development.

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Jenrick approves 1,524-home scheme against inspector’s advice

A former press baron’s plans to build five towers of up to 44 storeys on the Isle of Dogs can go ahead with reduced affordable housing, after the housing secretary approved the plans against his inspector’s recommendation.

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Less affordable housing 'better than no development', rules inspector

An inspector has approved plans for 227 flats on a brownfield site near Luton train station with no on-site affordable housing and an off-site contribution of just £300,000, ruling that the reduced offering was 'better than the alternative' of no development.

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Housing allowed to fund preservation of listed mansion

Plans submitted by Surrey County Council to convert a listed mansion into flats and build houses in its grounds can go ahead, an inspector has ruled, after she was persuaded that the scheme would fund the restoration of the historic building.

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‘Little evidence’ of contamination risk from gritting salt stockpile

An inspector has retrospectively approved the siting of 170,000 tonnes of gritting salt on an industrial estate in Lincolnshire as part of a strategic winter resilience programme, dismissing concerns over potential groundwater contamination.

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