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Appeals round-up: Juice bar is a retail use despite Google ‘dwell data’; Extended ‘cherry season’ would not disrupt locals

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 28 March-3 April, 2020

Juice bar is a retail use despite Google ‘dwell data’

A central London juice bar has been deemed a class A1 retail use by an inspector, who rejected the council’s argument that Google Maps ‘dwell data’ showed that people were ‘eating in’ at the premises.

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Extended ‘cherry season’ would not disrupt locals

An inspector has removed a condition stipulating that a farm in Kent could only process cherries grown in the county, ruling that year-round processing of imported fruit would not ‘erode local residents’ amenity’.

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‘Dining barns and bottle bar’ not allowed at green belt pub

An outdoor eating and drinking area at a recently renovated Surrey pub described by the appellant as ‘vital to the viability of the whole operation’ has been deemed inappropriate green belt development.

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Paragraph 79 design ‘not totally convincing’

An inspector has rejected plans for a home, stable, outdoor learning area and lapwing nesting area in the Bolton green belt, ruling that there was nothing ‘uniquely novel’ about the appellant’s design approach.

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Jenrick ignores local campaign by allowing 150-home scheme

The housing secretary has granted the developer Gladman permission to build 150 homes on greenfield land at Long Melford, Suffolk, despite unanimous opposition from the council and a local protest group.

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PD fallback justifies 129-home mixed-use scheme

An inspector has approved plans for 129 homes, office space and a care home on designated employment land in Oxfordshire, citing already-granted prior approval for permitted development works at the site.

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Co-living tower on top of energy centre rejected

A council-owned developer's plan to build 14 storeys of co-living space on top of an already-approved energy centre in Woking has been rejected by an inspector, who criticised the scheme's 'monolithic' design.

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