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Appeals round-up: Javid favours neighbourhood plan in Kineton homes refusal; Housing need outweighs settlement hierarchy of challenged core strategy

Planning appeals

A round-up of appeal decisions: 8 October-14 October, 2016

Javid favours neighbourhood plan in Kineton homes refusal

Communities secretary Sajid Javid has backed an inspector’s refusal of 90 homes in Kineton, Warwickshire, after giving significant weight to the scheme’s conflict with the newly adopted Stratford-on-Avon Core Strategy and the emerging Kineton Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

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Housing need outweighs settlement hierarchy of challenged core strategy

Permission has been granted for 118 homes, including 35 affordable units, outside of the settlement limits of an ‘infill’ village in North Somerset, after North Somerset Council failed to demonstrate a five-year housing supply.

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‘Unauthorised dwelling’ judged to be ancillary accommodation

A commissioner has quashed an enforcement notice calling for the demolition of an alleged unauthorised dwelling in Newry, Northern Ireland, after finding that the development should instead be classed as ancillary accommodation.

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Loch-side holiday home would fail to respect landform

A reporter has refused permission for a holiday home on the shores of Loch Etive in North Connel, Scotland, after judging that the scheme would unacceptably extend development into a countryside zone.

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Cumbria solar farm would not harm heritage assets

A five megawatt peak solar farm has been approved for land at Skelton in Cumbria, after an inspector judged that the scheme would not harm three listed heritage assets in the area.

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Elderly accommodation need trumps open space loss

Permission has been given for 69 extra care homes on a patch of undeveloped land within the built-up area of Falmouth, despite Cornwall council arguing against the scheme because of the loss of ‘needed’ open space.

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‘Underground’ house would harm landscape

An ‘underground’ home has been refused for a site in rural Wiltshire because of the scheme’s inaccessibility to local services and visual impact on the landscape.

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Bingo hall would fail to provide interesting frontage

The change of use of a former retail space to a bingo hall in Nottingham city centre has been refused, as the inspector judged that the scheme would harm the vitality of this part of the centre by failing to provide an interesting frontage and occupying a prime retail space.

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100 homes allowed in Hampshire strategic gap

Gladman Developments has been given permission to develop 100 homes in a strategic gap separating the West End and Hedge End in Hampshire, after an inspector judged that the development would not lead to the visual coalescence of the two settlements.

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‘Banqueting hall’ would not disturb neighbours

The change of use of a vacant industrial unit to a ‘banqueting hall’ has been allowed in Croydon after an inspector judged that appropriate conditions were in place to control noise impact on neighbouring residents.

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