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Appeals round-up: Inspector sides with council in 'heritage colours' dispute; Self-build homes deemed harmful to world heritage site

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planing appeals: 26 September-2 October, 2020

Inspector sides with council in 'heritage colours' dispute

Retrospective permission for the painting of a village post office's windows and doors an 'inky blue' colour following its conversion into a coffee shop has been refused, after an inspector deemed the new hue unsympathetic.

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Self-build homes deemed harmful to world heritage site

Plans for three self-build homes on the edge of a village within the Cornwall and West Devon mining landscape world heritage site (WHS) would not fit in with the area's dispersed pattern of development', an inspector has ruled.

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Orangery 'wholly at odds' with grade II* listed medieval building

Plans for a glazed extension to a 13th century building in Oakham would be 'wholly incongruous' with the existing structure and were not necessary to secure its optimum viable use, an inspector has ruled.

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15-home scheme would jeopardise urban extension's sustainability

Plans for 15 homes on land set aside to build a link road between two parts of a planned 820-home urban extension in Dorset would 'undermine the environmental sustainability' of the wider development, an inspector has ruled.

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Restaurant use allowed after use class order amendment

Plans to convert a retail unit in Islington into a restaurant that conflicted with local policy have been allowed, after an inspector noted that recent changes to the use classes order meant the scheme no longer needed planning permission.

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105 homes allowed on public open space in County Durham

An inspector has granted outline permission to build 105 homes on land in County Durham used as informal public open space, ruling that the scheme would not harm the character of the area or cause coalescence with a nearby village.

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Uneven topography justifies six-storey blocks

Plans for 48 new flats west of Glasgow can go ahead, after a reporter deemed the two planned six-storey blocks acceptable because of the topography and 'visual context' of the appeal site, which is cut into a hillside.

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