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Appeals round-up: Inflatable ‘air dome’ over tennis courts deemed ‘unneighbourly’; 59 homes allowed in designated coastal zone

Words: Matt Moody
Planning appeals

A round-up of planning appeals: 18-24 September, 2021.

Inflatable ‘air dome’ over tennis courts deemed ‘unneighbourly’

A school in Buckinghamshire that erected a 10-metre-tall inflatable ‘air dome’ over its four tennis courts must remove the structure, after an inspector called it ‘an alien and incongruous form of development’ that harmed the character of the area.

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59 homes allowed in designated coastal zone

An inspector has approved plans for 59 homes on land within a designated coastal and estuarine zone (CEZ) in North Devon, ruling that the appeal site and the area immediately around it did not have an ‘undeveloped or particularly tranquil character’.

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Didcot homes win approval after housing supply dispute

Outline planning permission has been granted for up to 150 homes in Didcot after an inspector rejected the local authority’s argument that it had a five-year supply of housing land.

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Benefits justify business park’s expansion into the green belt

The benefits of a plan to expand an existing business park in the Amber Valley into the surrounding green belt amounted to ‘very special circumstances’, an inspector has found, noting the ‘disproportionate’ impact the pandemic has had on the area.

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Topography and design justify six-storey co-living scheme

A developer’s plans for a co-living development in Wandsworth offering 159 studios have been approved by an inspector, who ruled that the topography of the area meant that considering only the number of storeys proposed would be an ‘overly simplistic’ approach.

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Edinburgh University’s long-held sports village plans blocked

Plans for 573 student bedrooms and an 8,700-square-metre ‘sports village’ in Edinburgh have been denied by a reporter, who was not convinced that the scheme’s benefits justified its scale and incursion into green belt land.

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Enforcement upheld against beehive manufacturing business

A beehive manufacturing business in the Northamptonshire countryside was ‘of such a scale’ that it went beyond being ancillary to the permitted agricultural use of the land, an inspector has ruled, upholding enforcement action and refusing permission.

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